Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen - beef broccoli pic by Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen

Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen

Living well means more than just a spacious home or scenic views. It encompasses experiences, flavors, and moments that elevate the everyday to the extraordinary. At Allora Kinder Ranch, residents find this philosophy brought to life, especially when taking out delicious Asian cuisine at Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen. Discover why living here is an upgrade. Life is more than your luxurious four walls. 

A Menu for Every Palate

Nothing commemorates your move to Allora Kinder Ranch than ordering at Borgfield Bistro. As you transition into your luxurious abode, let the vibrant flavors from the Bistro’s menu be your delightful welcome. This isn’t just about filling your plate but your heart with the rich culinary tales of the area. Whether you’re attracted to the iconic Kung Pao chicken or the myriad of other mouth-watering dishes, each meal is a toast to new beginnings and exquisite tastes.

Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen

Lori M. shares on Yelp, “Our go-to restaurant for many years. The name doesn’t lead to to think it’s Asian food, but it’s a great place for those of us who live in Timberwood Park and surrounding communities. Take out only. Never had an issue with screwed up orders. Food quality is great, and it is plentiful. My go-to favorite is Kung pao chicken, but have never had anything I didn’t like. Price is on par with other similar places. Don’t be afraid to try this place, it’s worth checking out!”

Choose Borgfield Bistro

Living at Allora Kinder Ranch is about more than just the aesthetics and amenities. It’s about the lifestyle. And a significant part of that lifestyle involves indulging in the local flavors, and Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen is at the heart of it. With raving reviews and a community of devoted fans, the Bistro is a testament to the locale’s culinary prowess.

Savor every moment you move to Allora Kinder Ranch with a delicious meal at Borgfield Bistro Asian Kitchen. Don’t wait. Schedule your tour and lease today.