A Retreat of Your Own - one bedroom apartment floor plan

A Retreat of Your Own

Make yourself at home in apartments with one big bedroom, your personal haven. At Allora Kinder Ranch, our A2 floor plan is about giving you that perfect mix of space and luxury. Imagine having 815 SF of your own space, where every corner is for your comfort and style. This one-bedroom apartment isn’t just about having a place to sleep; it’s about providing you with a sanctuary. And it doesn’t stop there—every apartment comes with a balcony or patio, with some homes even offering private yards. Plus, smart locks on every door add that modern touch for ease and security. It’s the ideal setup for anyone looking to elevate their lifestyle with upscale amenities, creating a retreat of your own. Ready to see what upscale living looks like? Come by and let us show you around.

Your Space, Your Way

Living in the A2 floor plan means you get to make the most of your space your way. The spacious bedroom and bathroom give you plenty of room to get comfortable. At the same time, the balcony or patio offers that extra outdoor space to enjoy your morning coffee or unwind in the evening. And for those who choose one with a private yard, it’s like having a little slice of paradise right outside your door. This is all about creating a home that matches your lifestyle with the space and features you need to make every day better.

Modern Living Made Easy

At Allora Kinder Ranch, we blend modern convenience with upscale living. Smart locks on every home mean you can say goodbye to fumbling with keys, making coming and going as smooth as possible. This kind of modern amenity adds to the overall living experience, where technology and comfort go hand in hand. It’s just one of the ways we ensure your home isn’t just a place to stay but a place where living is easy and secure.

Elevate Every Day

Choosing the A2 one-bedroom apartment is about more than just moving to a new place; it’s about lifting your entire lifestyle. Every feature, from the private outdoor spaces to the smart locks, designed to add convenience, comfort, and a touch of luxury to your daily routine. It’s about ensuring that your home is a retreat where you can relax, work, or play in a setting that’s built around your needs. At Allora Kinder Ranch, elevating your lifestyle starts with the place you call home.

The A2 floor plan at Allora Kinder Ranch offers a unique opportunity to embrace upscale living in a one bedroom apartment that doesn’t compromise on space or style. This apartment boasts 815 SF of well-designed living area, along with upscale amenities like balconies, private yards, and smart locks. It’s all about enhancing your living experience. Whether you’re enjoying the privacy of your spacious bedroom, taking in the fresh air on your balcony, or appreciating the ease of modern technology, your home here is a testament to upscale, comfortable living. If you’re ready to take your lifestyle to the next level and find your haven in an upscale apartment, tour and lease today to discover a retreat of your own.